Pink Is The New Nude

When I first saw this palette on Huda’s Instagram I immediately fell in love with it! It appeared to be a neutral palette containing some of my favorite colors to use on my eyes. Purples, taupes and shimmers! I was so excited about this palette and had to have it!

In the lead up to the big release I started to see more Instagram posts showing off the shadows and quickly realized this palette was more intense than I was anticipating, but of course I bought it anyway.

This palette sells for $65 and contains 18 shades ranging from cool to warm tones. It comes with 10 matte shades, 4 shimmery shades, 2 pressed glitters and 1 concealer base.

I like the packaging for this palette. It is a little smaller than I was expecting but it’s still a decent size.

It did not come with a brush which was disappointing considering the cost. However, you can purchase brushes for this line separately for $15-$18 each.

I did not and will not be purchasing the brushes for this palette.

I was a little worried when I first swatched this palette on my arm. The colors were super pigmented, which is great. However, I was a little unsure about the concealer shade. I was worried the other shades would eventually get all over it and make a huge mess. The glitter shades were super messy and did not swatch nicely. When I washed off the swatches I did notice residue left behind. Almost like a stain on my skin and there was glitter specks everywhere.

Overall I just felt this palette was super pink and not neutral at all.

My take on the name “The New Nude” is that it’s more a of a play on words. Like Pink is the “New Nude”.

All that being said, once I applied this product to my eyes I fell in love with it all over again.

The matte shades are so buttery and smooth. They blend effortlessly and beautifully. There is very little fall out with this product so my concerns about the shadow getting all over and messing up the concealer shade where put to rest.

I love the shimmer shades. They really pop and are absolutely gorgeous.

The pressed glitters are a little too much for me personally but they are very beautiful and adhere nicely to the concealer shade.

If you love a glittery eye look you will absolutely love them!

These shadows didn’t budge all day! I wore them for about ten hours each day and did not experience any major fading or creasing, even when using the concealer and shimmery shades. Everything really stayed put.

I removed this from my eyes with makeup remover wipes and then washed my face with a makeup removing face wash. All of the product came off.

I tried several different looks with this palette. You can use this many ways. If you skip the shimmer it becomes more subtle. You can simply use one or two of the lighter shades for a more neural look or go full glam using the darkest pinks and the glitters.

This palette is undeniably beautiful. If you love pink tones and sparkly eyes I high recommend this. Just know this palette is very pink and you are not getting nude/neutral tones with this. I also think the price of the palette is very steep. I was able to purchase this at 20% off. I’m not sure I would have went ahead and bought it at full price and for me this is definitely a one time purchase.


FabFitFun: A Year In Review

Like many of you I first heard about FabFitFun from celebrity promoters showing off their goods on their social media accounts. FabFitFun is a subscription box full of fashion, health and beauty products. They also promise hundreds of dollars worth of goods for a low price. Naturally, I was intrigued and when my bff signed up and raved about it I had to try it.

So in the fall of 2017 I decided to order my first FFF Box. Since then I have received four season boxes, one Editor’s Box and lots of add ons and sale items.

The first thing to know about the FFF subscription is that there are two different types. In one case you pay for the box seasonally (each time they ship a box) for $49.99 per box and you are known as a seasonal member. The other plan is a year paid upfront (four boxes)for $179.99. This is known as an annual member.

The seasonal members (while paying more over the year than annual) have absolutely no perks. As a seasonal member your customization options are limited, you are granted access to sales a week after annual members and your box will ship weeks after the annual members.

Annual members on the other hand are offered many options to customize their box. As an annual member you are the first to gain access to sales and your box will be one of the first to ship.

Annual member also save $20 over the course of a year.

When I ordered my first box I was beyond excited. I had already seen all the fun things coming my way and I couldn’t wait for my box to arrive.

I signed up after the Fall Box had been released so I was not offered any kind of customization. When my box arrived, I was excited to see that a majority of the items I wanted had come in my box. I was only bummed to have not gotten the teeth whitening kit and the beanie.

Overall, I was very happy with my first order and was thrilled that the Winter Box was right around the corner.

Shortly after receiving my Fall Box the spoilers for the Winter Box were released.

The Winter Box featured some really amazing products, such as, a 1.7oz Kate Somerville ExfoliKate (the 2oz sells for $85), an adorable Ashia Curry mug, a B.B. Dakota poncho, and a Douce eyeshadow palette. I used every single item that came in that box.

The Winter Box was by far my favorite box and my best FFF experience. This box had amazing products, most of which were new to me, that I’m now totally hooked on. I was able to get some amazing add ons and my box arrived in a timely manner.

Two of my friends had a slightly different experience. We could all agree that this box was great, however, their shipping experience was very different from mine. Both experienced significant delays in shipping and delivery.

As spring rolled in I was anxiously waiting for the Spring Box spoilers. To my surprise FabFitFun was very tight lipped about this box. I saw no celebrity unboxing videos and couldn’t find anything on their website. I had to dig hard to find out what was coming in this box.

This box was a bit disappointing for me. The products in this box seemed to be of poor quality and did not interest me like the previous one had.

I also had a horrible experience with the shipping process. My box shipped later than I had expected. Once it did ship it, via FedEx, it was delayed three times before all updates stopped.

Knowing what my friends had dealt with with the previous box I contacted FedEx and FFF to make sure my box had not been lost in the mail. Neither FedEx nor FFF were of any help to me and I just had to wait.

This box took business 11 days to arrive.

My fourth FabFitFun box was the Summer Box.

This box was more like my Winter Box experience, in that I was able to find spoilers easily and I was excited about the products coming my way.

The Summer Box featured some great products by Tarte Cosmetics, a variety of skin care products, as well as a cute makeup train case.

One of my favorite things about the customization process is that you can add products to your box for just $10. I had such a hard time choosing that I added on a few products. I also got some incredible deals in the add on sale.

Once again, I was super excited to receive my box and couldn’t wait!

But wait I did… I waited for it to ship… and I waited for it arrive…

My BFF had received her box a week before my box had even shipped, even though we were charged for our add ons the same day and we have the same annual membership.

My overall opinion of FabFitFun is complicated for sure. There are many pros and cons to this subscription box.

As far as the memberships go, I would never recommend anyone to be a seasonal member. Seasonal Members who keep the membership all year will end up paying $20 more in total and you literally get zero perks. No early access, limited customization, and you’ll receive your box later.

The annual member option is a way better deal and the best way to get everything you can out of this subscription box.

As far and the products themselves, there is quite the mix of amazing and wtf is this… some of the items I have received have seemed cheap and not worth the price FFF claims them to be. However, I have received lots of products that are amazing. Lots of Tarte Cosmetics that I know are worth at least what I paid for the box, amazing skin care products that I’m now hooked on and lots of products from add ons that I was fortunate enough to have purchased at a deep discount.

FabFitFun has also introduced me to many brands and products that I wouldn’t have tried that I now love.

But then there’s the annoyance of the shipping. I don’t understand the inconsistency in shipping. Why does my box ship before my friends? Why does her box ship before mine?

The FedEx ground shipping is also an issue for me. You wait so long for your box to ship and once it does you’re forced to wait 10 business days for it to arrive. FedEx always makes me feel some sort of way with the tracking not updating and the constant delays.

As you can imagine, this part of the process is very frustrating. I would be willing to pay for better shipping to avoid this annoyance.

Is the annoyance of the shipping process enough for me cancel this subscription and never look back? Sometimes I think it is. I have almost canceled my subscription a few times already.

But…. I didn’t.

You’re probably still unclear at this point if I’d recommend this.

My honest answer would be, if you have $180 to spend and you’re a patient person, then yes! Do it! It’s Fab, it’s Fit and it’s Fun!

If not, this might be a frustrating experience for you…

Kiss Lash Couture Faux Mink Collection


Kiss Lash Couture Collection in Little Black Dress and Boudoir 

I love wearing false lashes and I wear them as often as I can but sometimes they can feel like a bit much. The lashes I’ve been wearing a lot lately are beautiful but bold. I have been looking for something less intense that can worn for a casual everyday look.

I stumbled upon the Kiss Couture Faux Mink Lash Collection at my local drugstore. I bought these lashes for under $6 which is an amazing price for faux mink lashes!

The packaging is super cute and I love the names of the two I chose, Little Black Dress and Boudoir.

Little Black Dress

First I used the lighter lashes, little black dress. Right away I noticed they were easy to take off the base. Which is great because there is nothing worse than fighting to get your lashes off the base just to have them rip!

These lashes have so much going for them. First of all they are so beautiful. They needed very little trimming, they are flexible and easy to apply, and they stayed put all day. The best thing about them is how light and natural they are.

Kiss Faux Mink Lashes in Little Black Dress 

Kiss lashes in Little Black Dress

These lashes are a great way to incorporate a false lash into your daily routine. I would highly recommend these for beginners or anyone looking for a natural lash.


After the amazing experience I had with the little black dress lashes I couldn’t wait to try another style. I chose the Boudoir lashes, as they are a bit more dramatic.

These were so much harder to use. The band on these was incredibly stiff, making them difficult to apply. Even after rolling them and messing with them for a while they were still resistant to curving and loosening up.

Boudoir lashes lifting in the corner 

Once I was able to get them on I noticed them slip at the corners. I think this had to do with them being rather heavy.

That being said, the boudoir lashes are beautiful and lush.

Kiss lashes in Boudoir 

The Kiss Couture Faux Mink Collection has a lot going for it.
The lashes a beautiful, luxurious and comfortable to wear.
The packaging is chic and the price is fantastic.
My biggest issue with them was the inconsistency in ease of application. One pair was easy, while the other was extremely frustrating.
They say you can wear them up to 10 times with proper care and that may be true of the Little Black Dress pair, but the Boudoir only lasted one and a half wears.

Kiss lashes in Little Black Dress

For under $6 I would absolutely purchase these again in Little Black Dress. I’m sure they will become a regular part of my beauty routine. However, I think I’ll skip the Boudoir pair next time.

Drugstore Hit or Miss

Everyone loves a good drugstore makeup buy. They’re cheap, which means you can experiment with lots of fun things and they’re easily accessible so you can pick up new makeup while you’re out running errands.

There are plenty of products out there that totally deserve their moment on your beauty shelf and let’s face it, a couple that just don’t work out.

Today I am exploring my drawer full of drugstore brands and bringing you my top five products as well as a couple I could live without.

First on my list of amazing drugstore must haves is L’Oréal’s infallible eye liner in black. First of all, I love that this is mechanical pencil that requires no sharpening. This liner goes on smooth and rich and stays put all day with zero smudging or fading. This eyeliner comes in under $10 and is my number 1 drugstore pick.

Next on my list are these Super Stay Matte Ink liquid lipsticks by Maybelline. I own this in an assortment of colors! This formula is amazing! It stays put all day long through eating and drinking and does not dry out your lips.The colors are always rich and highly pigmented. I am currently obsessing over the un-nudes collection and their eye catching purples! These average about $10.

Along the same lines as the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink is the Super Stay Eraser. Do not forget to pick this baby up with your Super Stay Matte Ink. This eraser removes all traces of lip ink quickly and effortlessly. Its great for removing any lip product, not just Maybelline products. No scrubbing required. You can buy this for $8.

Another amazing drugstore find is this Kiss Wing It eyeliner set. It comes with an amazing gel liner and brush that glides on smoothly leaving a deep silky color that lasts forever. But the thing that makes this product my MVP is the stencil that comes with it! I know, it may sound silly, but if you’re anything like me and find winging your liner to be nearly impossible this stencil will be a life savor! It’s super easy to use and comes with 6 different looks for you to chose from. This product will not disappoint and comes in at about $5.

My final spot is going to go to these brushes by Wet n Wild. I don’t remember the exact price on each individual brush but I know they ranged from $1-$5. These brushes are outstanding! I was pleasantly surprised by how soft these brushes are. They are easy to use and blend makeup beautifully. I’ve been using them now for a couple of months and they have held up nicely. They have become my go to brushes even though I have lots of brushes to choose from. These are steal!!

Now for some major misses.

First up the NYX cosmetics Pore Filler Primer. This product was a total bust for me. The texture was awful and I found it impossible to blend. It sort of sat on top of my skin and flaked off. As you can imagine my makeup did not blend nicely over this primer. This was $15 at my local CVS.

Another disappointing product for me was the Master Camo Color Correcting Pens by Maybelline. These pens come in 6 shades. Pink, purple, green, yellow, apricot and red. Each one promises to correct a different issue from sallowness to dark circles. I only purchased the purple one with hopes of evening out my under eye area. I was feeling like my eyes were looking sunken in. This product did nothing for me. It was messy and difficult to use. It left my under eye looking cakey and crazy. I was also not impressed with the selection of these. They have a lot of choices for light and fair skin tones and only a few for medium or dark. These retail for $10.

So there you have it! Please remember opinions on this blog post are completely my own and you may or may not agree.

Have a favorite drugstore beauty product? Leave a comment on this post!

Maybelline FIT me Matte and Poreless foundation

I am always chasing a great foundation. I love to try new things and can spend forever testing different foundations at Sephora. Most recently I have fallen in love with brands like Laura Mercier, Cover FX and Giorgio Armani.

These high end brands are fantastic but not always budget friendly. I decided to head to the drugstore in search of an amazing and affordable foundation.

I settled upon Maybelline’s FIT me foundation. I have heard great things about this foundation and was super excited to try it out. I chose this in the Matte and Poreless formula. This also comes in a dewy and smooth formula but my skin tends to be more on the oily side, so I thought a matte finish would be best.

Right off the bat I was impressed with the color selection on this. There are so many options and this foundation is very inclusive. You can be confident that you will find a shade that matches your skin tone. I also loved the price! Under $10!

I chose the shade 125 Nude Beige.

The packaging for this product is pretty nice. I like that this comes in a glass bottle, it’s simple but nice.

The only thing I didn’t love about the packaging is that it doesn’t have a pump. It’s hard to control how much of this product comes out and if you knocked the bottle over it would just pour out.

The foundation itself is also very loose. Which makes this kind of messy. I am definitely used to a thick foundation and a different type of dispenser. So I kind of made a mess with this at first.

I was also a little taken aback by the fact that this product was not sealed in the store. I checked a few of them and found the same on all that I checked.

So now on to the foundation itself. I swatched this on my arm and found the color to be an amazing match! I was super impressed with this as I had kind of blindly chosen this shade just by looking at the bottle.

While this foundation is pretty loose I found that it’s also very smooth and blends beautifully.

I applied this makeup to my face with a damp beauty blender. Again, it’s very smooth and it blended out easily and beautifully on the skin.

My first impression of this was that it looked great. It blurred imperfections, it matched my skin perfectly, it was matte without being cakey, it was smooth and flawless.

I also loved that this is a medium coverage foundation that was so light on my skin. It didn’t feel like I had anything on.

This foundation seems to be buildable. I tried to build it on my arm while swatching it however, I chose to only use one layer on my face.

I applied the rest of my makeup as usual. I didn’t have any issues with applying my other makeup. I will also say that I used my best primer and a setting spray.

As soon as my makeup was finished I had trouble getting a usable photo. I felt my makeup looked funny in the photos even though it looked fine in the mirror. That could have totally been my own issue and may not have had anything to do with the makeup.

Fast forward a few hours and I was able to get a good photo and I have not needed to blot my face. Usually I will need to blot my face often throughout the day, especially around my nose and on my chin. At this point in the day I feel like my makeup looks good. Everything is staying in place. I did notice the makeup is starting to settle into my skin, bringing imperfections like fine lines and pores around my nose and mouth to the surface. This is subtle but I see it…My chin looks a little cakey.

To my surprise, by the end of the day my makeup looked pretty good! I think this foundation wears really well. It stayed super matte throughout the day. I really never had to blot my face. I even went for a run later in the day and my makeup held up just fine. I was sweaty but my face wasn’t shiny or oily.

Overall, Maybelline’s FIT me foundation makes a great everyday foundation. It wears well, stays matte and is easy to work with. My only cons for this are that it doesn’t have pump or any kind of dispenser. It also got a little cakey around my chin and nose. I will try to fix that by adding more moisturizer to those areas. Neither of those things are deal breakers for me.

This is a great drugstore buy and I will definitely use this often.

Azeredo Cosmetics

Azeredo Cosmetics

Lash review

A few weeks back I was contacted by Azeredo Cosmetics to try out their lashes. I had heard great things about these lashes and jumped on the opportunity to snag a couple pairs. Azeredo Cosmetics is a lash company promising high quality, cruelty free, synthetic fiber eyelashes.

That being said, this review is my honest opinion and I was not paid to write this review.

I chose two pairs of lashes, Hollywood and Legendary.

The order process was simple, however it took about two weeks from the time I placed my order to the time I received it.

I was so excited to get them that I didn’t even take the time to see where exactly they shipped from, but the website says they are a United States company shipping out of Canada.

After opening the package I found two pairs of lashes wrapped in tissue paper with a hand written note, which I thought was a nice touch.

I like the packaging for these lashes. It’s simple but chic.

My first impression of these lashes was that they were super dramatic. A lot more dramatic than I was expecting. I was worried they wouldn’t look natural and would be super heavy.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the opposite to be true!

I found both pairs of lashes to be incredibly soft and lightweight. They offer a subtly dramatic look with a light natural feel.

Legendary (shown above) was more dramatic than Hollywood but in a fabulous way!

I was super happy with the way the lashes held on to the curve when I removed them from the package and after trimming a bit off.

They were also by far the easiest lashes I have ever applied. After applying the glue I simply put them in place and that’s it! No adjusting necessary, no lifting in the corners! They lasted comfortably for hours with no problems what so ever! I also really like that they pointed upward, giving my eyes a nice open look and I could clearly see them. Sometimes I find that false lashes will point forward and can only be seen when closing your eyes.

I purchased these lashes for $9.99 each, which is an excellent price considering you can wear each pair up to 15 times.

In addition to all the great things about these lashes, 5% of the sales go to the Cancer Research Institute.

I absolutely recommend these beautiful lashes! You can get yours from

Used code Jeanelle10 to receive 10% off your order.

Sweet Carly Collection

Sweet Carly Collection

I am so excited to have had a chance to try out this brand of cosmetics by Sweet Carly Collection.

I came across this brand on instagram. This brand is a small business currently selling lashes, lipgloss, brushes, makeup sponges and a moisturizing face shimmer.

I have not had a chance to try out their lashes but I did try the lipgloss, brushes, sponge and face shimmer.

I ordered two lipglosses in The Weekend and Enlightened. I love the two colors I chose.

The weekend is a gorgeous shiny neutral. Perfect for a nude lip!

Enlightened is a lovely mauve color, which I absolutely love!

These lipgloss go on smoothly and are shiny and moisturizing. They are made with ingredients like vitamin e, coconut oil and Shea butter.

They are also all natural, vegan, gluten free, 90% organic and cruelty free.

The Unicorn Brushes are absolutely adorable!

They come in a 5 pack and include 3 face brushes and 2 eye brushes. They are 100% synthetic vegan brushes with rose gold unicorn horn handles.

These brushes are super soft and easy to use. My makeup applied evenly and blended nicely.

I also liked that they grabbed a decent amount of makeup and I did not need to keep dipping into my palette for more.

I also purchased the Perfection Sponge. This sponge expanded quite a bit when wet. It is very soft but did feel a little dense when squeezing it. I used this sponge to apply my foundation. I found that it did not absorb a ton of makeup, which was great! My foundation went on evenly and easily. I liked this sponge. It got the job done, cleaned nicely and is sold at a great price point.

The moisturizing face shimmer is a super fun oil based product! This product is intended to be used on the face as a moisturizer that adds a glowing shimmer effect.

Personally I can not use this on my face as my skin tends to be very oily to begin with. However, I will absolutely use this in the summer as a body moisturizer! I used it on my arms and it left my skin so soft with a subtle glittery glow!

Overall, I’m super impressed with Sweet Carly Collection! I am pleased with all the products I purchased. Each product is a great quality and so reasonably priced. I love the 2 for $20 deals and I will definitely be ordering more products. I can’t wait to try out the lashes!

Be sure to check out Sweet Carly Collection at and use code BEAUTYBEAT to receive 25% off your first order.